Founder Jens Christensen has been on a remarkable journey of artistic expression and technical innovation since the age of 8 when he first started taking formal music lessons on the organ. By the time he was 16 (back in 1981), he had already delved into the world of synthesizers, pioneering the use of MIDI interfaces. It was then, on his Commodore 64 computer and using SONUS-Glasstracks software, that the seeds of his musical exploration were sown.

During his college years, Jens joined his first pop-rock band (Sharpshooter), rocking stages and filling clubs with top-40 hits. It was during this time that he earned enough to assemble his very first complete music studio, a pivotal moment that would define his future. His talent for writing songs is a creative force that couldn’t be stifled.  Together with the lead singer, Jamie Clark, they later continued projects, recording in San Francisco studios together with famous musicians, such as Steve Smith (Journey) as well as the bassist from Santana.

Jens was also heavily invested in recording projects together with Jamie, where they worked closely together with John Capek (composer for Rod Stewart, TOTO, Chicago, Diana Ross and others).  Jens also produced music for Commercial spots for “Mercedes” and achieved several song awards, including FINALIST in the renowned “UK Song Contest”.  While some of these involvements and achievements were a testament to his talent in the field, Jens remained steadfast in his long-term mission — to build a large portfolio of exceptional songs, diverse in genre, that would leave an indelible mark on the global music industry and be performed by great musicians.

MotionWind Media is the embodiment of this incredible journey.  With literally HUNDREDS of songs for artists, combined with professional experience in VIDEO and 3D productions MotionWind is built on a foundation of boundless creativity, technical mastery, and a tireless commitment to pushing the boundaries of multimedia. Meanwhile MotionWind has the complete modern tools for producing nearly every Genre of modern music.  His previous singing experience in various bands lends itself to him being able to best-express and demo his compositions.