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Unleashing the Power of Multimedia.

We at MotionWind are more than just a specialist company. We are the culmination of a lifelong passion for creating original and inspiring creative works, driven by its founder, Jens Christensen.

We offer:

  • Music Composition for Artists: Music is the heart and soul of MotionWind Media. With a large and diverse range of carefully-crafted songs in several styles and genres, we can create the perfect musical backdrop for nearly any singer’s needs. After nearly 40 years of music-writing experience, Jens has a magical formula for creating songs with a catchy-hook.  The goal is that EVERY SONG is a potential hit … and so can be yours too.
  • Multimedia Production: Next to music composition, we have devoted a decades of time in the creating of professional VIDEOS and 3D Animations, as well as dynamic, interactive multi-media Websites. From music videos to full-blown Multimedia productions and films, including soundtracks, we are your solid partner for Multimedia.

Explore the magic of MotionWind Media and discover the possibilities that arise when music, multimedia, and passion converge. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where your vision becomes a reality.

Unleash the Power of Multimedia with MotionWind Media.